1. Jade

    The botox is strong in this one.

    • shankyouverymuch

      The hands of a 125 year old man and a face as plump and drum tight as a babies bottom …

      Completely normal and natural I swear.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Old farts and plastic surgery don’t mix

  3. Picture plus caption is the epitome of irony.

  4. evilstamos

    The woman behind her is contracted to carry Gwen’s pregnancy weight.


  6. Everyone sing. The feeling in my face…Danke Schoen darling, Danke Schoen. Thank you for all the botox and pain.

  7. Do you really want the guy whose eye disappeared to represent you at a plastic surgery event?

  8. UCLA Head & Neck Surgery Luminary Awards. No irony. Nope.

  9. joan rivers says “thats hot.”

  10. “Hi Doc, gimme the Haley Joel Osment”

  11. renotastic

    It’s a Danke Shame.

  12. renotastic

    It’s a Danke Shame.

  13. renotastic

    It’s a Danke Shame.

  14. renotastic

    It’s a Danke Shame.

  15. renotastic

    It’s a Danke Shame.

  16. robb7


  17. Amin Toofani

    What I imagine holding in a fart for 30 years looks like

  18. Why would Photo Boy take a picture of an emphysema patient and glue Wayne Newton’s head onto it?

  19. It’s not unusual to have no eyes anymore.

  20. gin & tonic

    His face looks like a ballpark frank.

  21. I think he has been having a stroke this whole time.

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