1. Jesus. You could do a Wachowski bullet time with all those cameras.

  2. “So you can do a third trimester abortion for me, Mate? Can you? Really? Oh, that’s just fan…tas…tic!”

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Simon should take off his sweater when he goes to the beach.

  4. Cowell looks like he wants a bath.

  5. tito

    flava flaaav!

  6. “By dah powah invest in me by dah voodoo priestess Penelope, I now pronounce you Sperm Donor and Cum Receptacle…”

  7. “Give us back Rihanna, and we’ll give you back the harry fat man who sucks in his gut and his gold digger.”

  8. He’s what’s for dinner.

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