1. “Nudge Photoshop Path tool…. couple more clicks…. and done!”

  2. yourmom

    New Year’s resolution: Find a job!
    Maybe if I put enough nude photos on the internet….

  3. Like yourself much? Ewwwww.

  4. MFer

    Creepy underboob.

  5. Jenn

    What’s the deal with her boobs, is something taken out the picture? Because they’re creased like she’s resting them on something. Photoshop is weird.

  6. You can’t Photoshop a person that is Photoshop.

  7. Nice to see Kim lost all the baby weight.

  8. kelovision

    Going back to the 2011 well for Instagram imagery, Gaga? Stick to Fritz Lang, Jeff Koons and the smeared make-up face. The naked biker girlfriend is SO Born This Way.

  9. kelovision

    “I’m like ‘WHY do they keep leaving me?!’ Ha ha. I mean, I’m not THAT ba- Hey! Why you walkin’ away while I’m talkin to yous?”

  10. argleblargle

    She’s got a body like a greyhound and a face like… well the face is like a greyhound too.

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