1. When I’m 90 years old like Hef, I hope I have a cute Cocker Spaniel like that too.

  2. George P Burdell

    Note scribbled on Hef’s Polaroid version of this photo said, “I love you dear but I’d rather fuck the dog.”

  3. They used some of his extra skin to make that chair.

  4. I can’t have sweet dreams if I’m dreaming of gold diggers.

  5. RattInnaCage

    The sorry truth is that Heff is probably too decrepit to be shown to the public. She’s just counting the days until he kicks it.

  6. Swearin

    Gotta give props to the old man for having a transgender operation at his age, and having it turn out so good!

    …oh, that’s his girlfriend? I see…

  7. Weeblo

    hopefully the dog used a rubber

  8. Eww shes got old man smell in all the wrong places.

  9. That is one stanky bitch.

  10. LBB

    Is this her announcement that she finally had Hef put down?

  11. so hef got his daughter some work posing for playboy?

  12. David Hasselhoff

    That’s one hot bitch. Crystal’s not bad either.

  13. caley

    Well…they would have been.

  14. Disapproving spaniel – “You think this lacks dignity? If you saw the shit that I did, every damn day, then you’d know this is just a stroll at the beach, bitch.”

  15. argleblargle

    That dog has a face that just gives away he witnessed a brutal murder. Sweet dreams, indeed…

  16. sofanisba

    Way to ruin a perfectly good chair

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