1. dontkillthemessenger

    Well, hoes need managing too.

  2. cc

    ‘Black Sheep Management’…long name for a pimp.

  3. Bonky

    Just a heads up to all of you men out there, if these two women come knocking at your door, all they want is sex. This happened to me last week and trust me it’s just any kind of sex, crazy, filthy and it don’t got to be anything good. It took me near 24 hours to get rid of them bitches, so you just be ready if you see them at your front door. There ought to be a law….

  4. Emma

    I genuinely thought this was another post about a celebrity who had their wax statue recently revealed at Madame Tussauds.

  5. jeffiner

    her boob…i can’t stop looking at it.

  6. chupacabra

    wonder boob powers, ACTIVATE!

  7. So, as far as management goes…

    “Okay ‘ladies’… ha ha ha… forgive me. Ahem. So you know the drill? Power washer to the vag twice a day and stay away from any sources of heat and you’ll be just fine. Now go show them titties!”

  8. KickNdaJunk

    You can totally see the gnarly ass scar on Katie Price’s Tits in this pick, even without the zoom!

  9. Clown Shoes

    This reminds me of my new seat covers I bought last week. They work with airbags too.

  10. Stewie Griffin

    If you can afford it these two will suck and fuck.

  11. Looks like someone got implants after Madam Tussauds took her measurements.

  12. Yep.

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Double Dee.

  13. I think we’ve just identified the source of the global helium shortage.

  14. The arm around the back clearly says “Don’t be confusing my money wit yo money!”

  15. Melon smuggling: you’re doing it wrong.

  16. Amy Willerton is very pretty. Ms. Price, however, looks sort of…ummm…explosive!

  17. Wow, it’s like watching Tom Cruise try to stand next to…. anyone…

  18. RHawk

    Damn, that’s a lot of implant. On the off chance Katie decided to wear a bra, she’d have to go to Nissan. Where else can she find a new 370Z?

  19. SIN

    Looks like we are comparing apples to watermelons.

  20. “Wonder Twat Powers, ACTIVATE!”

  21. it had to be said

    And at that moment Amy Willerton realized she was going to need bigger implants if she ever wanted to be bottom bitch at the agency.

  22. I assume these are the UN ambassadors from that “Whore Island” Archer is always talking about.

  23. Monkeydnd

    Send in the FEMBOTS!

  24. AnnaDraconida

    Price’s face looks copied & pasted from the amount of makeup she’s wearing

  25. tom

    Superwhore 1 and 2 reunited.

  26. Alison

    “We’re going to jack -clap- you off.”

  27. I knew things would finally get off the ground for Katie once she changed her company’s name from “Dead Eyes, Dead Erections Management”

  28. Misana

    I looked at this and thought of Madame Tausaud’s wax thingy.. or however you spell it.

  29. Blech

    Plastic and Plasticker.

  30. bigalkie

    Wow, this whatshername ” Katie Price ” has some balls. She takes a n exceptionally ugly face and covers it with spackle. Takes a very average body and makes it look ridiculous through plastic surgery. She then hires a team of publicists and makes herself a career out of posing for staged photos in idiotic situations. What a role model!

  31. It’s amazing what they can do with plastics these days…

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