1. “Go stare at someone else. There must be other women on the beach. Why are you looking at me?”

  2. anonym

    now ladies, that’s how you pose for an ass pic

  3. Deacon Jones

    Even God is giving her a “peace” sign with that cloud on the right she’s so fucking hot.

    • That’s not God. Those are two clouds colliding because they were each staring at topless Candice and not looking where they were going.

      In fact, if you zoom in, you can see that one cloud got its chocolate in the other cloud’s peanut butter.

    • idk, it looks more like ‘the shocker’ to me. Can’t blame the big guy for wanting to jam 1 in the pink & 2 in the stink on this hottie.

  4. Wrong side photographer, wrong side.

  5. Brad

    She’s disgusting.

  6. cc

    Add a deck chair and a gin & tonic and you’ve pretty much captured my idea of heaven.

  7. steve

    fix your site you lazy retards

  8. Some people just curve and bend in all the right places. Fuck those people.

  9. tlmck

    “Hey Candace. I’m out of film, and the boat won’t be back to pick us up from this deserted island for 3 days. Got any ideas how we can spend our time?”

  10. Lance Manion

    F—ing gross.

  11. Diego

    She has a perfect and so so well konwn butt…
    Lovely, every men deserves that ass

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