1. He’s kissing, she’s feeding.

  2. Cuz She Fat

    Never let her nickname you “cupcake”.

  3. dennis

    Never been kissed. He meant to give her a innocent peck on the cheek and she’s going for open mouth with tongue action while she can.

  4. joe

    He was whiter than snow before she exhaled.

  5. George P. Burdell

    Rule #1: Do not play truth or dare with Lena Dunham and her posse.

    Rule #2: If you if ignore Rule #1, always pick “TRUTH”

  6. Cock Dr

    She’s a Vogue cover girl.
    The world….it is changing.

    • They’re trying to hold her up as a hero for ugly girls everywhere. As if she’s a hero for writing a show where she’s naked all the time, forcing the viewers to see it.

      • Cock Dr

        No one’s forcing anyone to watch that show. There’s a billion other channels & the “off” button option too.

      • True enough, trust me I exercise those options all the time, but then we have to hear people drone on about how great it is and how brave she is for doing nudity. I don’t agree. It gets old real fast. I don’t see the appeal of the show. Then again, I’m not the target audience.

      • Isn’t Lady Gaga the hero for ugly girls everywhere?

  7. JimBB

    He would be more dignified blowing Ian Mckellen for an off-Broadway bit part.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    I don’t mind a show where a flat chested fat chick is allways naked. But I wish they’d spackle some makeup over those ugly tattoos.

  9. She is a pig, I have no idea whether she is rude and thoughtless though.

  10. no, it’s supposed to be a peck on the cheek, you nepotistic overfed repulsive reeking vapid cow!

  11. “Shut up, Allison! He was the best we could do.”

  12. Zosia is wondering if there will be any Richard left for her – after Lena is done with him.

  13. gawd…she looks like a seal barking for a fish

  14. malaka

    quick richard!! use the patronus charm to repel the darkness!!

  15. Hey Richard, I just went down on someone, guess which sex?

  16. icu

    I can still smell the hot dog on you, please, regurgitate some of it for me! Pleeeeeease! Mama want wiener!

  17. There is a whole lotta ‘ewwww’ going on here.

  18. Just before she ate the guy’s head.

  19. Johnny Barbells

    …he was the motherfucking man in ‘warlock’ …this makes me a little sad.

  20. It’s sad that society seems to let her define feminism for the modern day. Rather than any struggle for equality it has come to signify the right to be a vapid, narcissistic, melodramatic, immature brat and to call anyone that questions or disagrees with you a sexist.

  21. “Wow! You’re right. It’s scotch. But can you tell me what brand?”

  22. PassingTrue

    It’s cute when they lean their heads over the fence like that in the pasture.

  23. Wait, her mom was Alicia Silverstone? That actually explains a lot.

  24. AnnaD.

    So much unattractive going on here…

  25. coljack

    “Lena, your breath is fine. Those hecklers must have meant something else when they called you a stinking cow.”

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