1. I have an overwhelming suspicion he misunderstood the purpose of that organization.

  2. “Can you guess which of them I had sex with? Here’s a hint. We did it doggy style.”

  3. JimBB

    Shit, Lassie! Shit!

    Good girl!!

  4. Most of them look like they already gave up.

  5. Judging by the awkward looks on the men’s faces, I’d say they already gave it up to Russell.

  6. Wow, even the dog has a hipster douchebag look.

  7. SER

    Yeah, he’s definitely doing that dog.

  8. Is he there to give up comedy perhaps?

  9. In every picture there’s a white canine saying it all with his eyes.

  10. From the looks of Russell it seems the organization’s name is referring to bathing.

  11. “I was told there would be amputees. Get my fucking agent on the phone, *now*.”

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