1. Eeeek. Get bangs and clothes that actually fit.

  2. joe

    One of the following is true: She paid extra to have those nip bumps tailored in to her outfit thing or she her always perky nips are actually made of steel.

    • joe

      I typed this little bit of wit (quite little, I know) under the Maniston photo. What gives?

      • Tinka

        If you use your keyboard to move from photo to another instead of clicking the arrows on gallery’s upper right corner, the responses won’t match the photo. It can be very confusing at times, especially when there’s a photo of a half-naked chick and the comments are about Chris Brown and his crotch.

  3. 74

    I was wondering what Kathy Lee was up too…

  4. Jade

    Rockin the Charro look.

  5. She’s looking more… I don’t know what the word is, but it isn’t “sexy”.

  6. tara

    Oh you will follow me, love me, worship me. You will do my every bidding and I will give you the privilege of licking my stilettos clean. Now say “Yes Master.” Say it!

  7. Glitter in Gutter.

  8. I guessing someone in glitter gulch got fired today.

  9. DanX

    This time it looks like a shoe-in for Mickey Rourke winning the Academy Award for Best Actor…

  10. She still looks like a monkey to me.

  11. Yoda Mann

    Jabba the Mutt
    – Yoda Mann

  12. All that money on fillers and assorted shit to look like a menopausal strip club hostess.

  13. Man! you can feel the diva vibe through the photo!

  14. Poopface

    I didn’t know they were filming a Prequel to “Predator”…

  15. Mariah: Queen of the Fake Hair, Pug-Nosed Mole People

  16. pinquett

    she looks really sad…

  17. Wow, she got old. When I go back and watch the “Vision Of Love” video, it’s like I’m looking at a completely different person.

  18. Jamie


  19. Buddy The Elf


  20. I thought it was Jwow at first

  21. No, defenitely no!

  22. bigalkie

    Delusional Pig..

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