1. “Looks good- Usher’s ready for you anytime you are.”

  2. Mike701

    Trying not to laugh at the tiny Canadian peen.

  3. Johnny P!

    “Yep, the Vag-Mic is secure and in place. Try not to get too excited while you singing this time though, OK? Maple syrup really fucks these things up!”

  4. General Disarray

    It’s okay, honey. It’s normal for this to start at you’re age. Someone from makeup will get you a tampon.

  5. EricLr

    Who builds a robot with the batteries in the fucking crotch?!?

  6. E30FromHell

    “It’s stuck! It’s stuck! It’s stuck in the zipper!”

  7. Blonde

    That is not how you administer a DNA test.

  8. Am I supposed to give the DNA sample to you?

  9. your mom


  10. Lord Invader

    False alarm…still undescended.

  11. All shaved! Usher will have you now.

  12. cc

    I am just going to pin your pants to your foreskin now, okay?

  13. Frank "Turkey Leg" Burns

    “No, pull your undies up higher, the “Mariah Yeater Cooter Injector” tattoo is still visible”.

  14. gypsy

    Just wait till you balls drop, little boy, and then your singing career will be over.

  15. Admiral Hackbar

    “And one more picture for Mr. Sandusky”

  16. Jess

    “It’s true you guys, he can’t be the father! He hasn’t hit puberty yet.”

  17. Arzach

    -”I swear it’s there damn it! Just give me a couple of minutes while I think of Usher”-

  18. SlippinX12

    Which one of them is getting ready to perform?

  19. bethy


  20. Don’t worry baby, Selena will never find out.

  21. tlmck

    Heidi the buck tooth fluffer.

  22. tayker

    Get on the “Today Show” and get a personal fluffer.

  23. “Okay, if you’re going to sag, make sure people can’t see your SpongeBob Under-roos.?”

  24. gigi

    this ‘chick’ looks like that Juwanna Man dude — hmmm… suspect…

  25. jaded

    “Are you black? No, I’m black! Pull up your damn pants boy!”

  26. CanuckCutie

    “Well I’ll be damned, the head really IS shaped like a maple leaf”

  27. squishy

    “I said no teeth, NO TEETH!”

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