1. Matt Lauer

    It’s her perfume launch and she’s wearing a horizontal skunk dress. Perfect.

  2. International House of Phonies (and pancakes)

  3. ThisWillHurt

    A giant puffy tutu. That should extinguish rumors of a penis.

  4. I knew she’d eventually do something shocking and revolutionary with her pubic hair, but she really should trim it just the same.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    What are you talking about?! I have breasts!

  6. “Oh dear, I’m so embarrassed! I forgot to do anything odd to my shoulders!”

  7. Johnny P!

    She is quoted as saying she wanted her perfume to smell like ‘blood and semen’.
    It ended up smelling like ‘pretension, imitation and ennui’.
    The only fragrance on the market that makes your eyes roll as you dab it on.

  8. Gaga participating in a flash-mob of the “Chicken Dance”

  9. “I don’t have a quarter! I need a quarter to ride the horsey, it’s almost 6:30!”

  10. JungleRed

    It looked better on Bjork.

  11. Alpha Female

    Did she stop eating for a week? I thought she was unashamed and unapologetic for her recent weight gain.

    • I was wondering that, too. And also thinking that if she really did put on 25 pounds, it still wasn’t enough to give her a double chin like Lohan.

  12. popwilleatitself

    Perfume launch, so predictable.

  13. Bigalkie

    Always Gross

  14. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    Something is off about this photo…

    :: Throws her in the trunk. ::

    All better.

  15. Gaga, if you’re going to insist making a spectacle of yourself, go to work in an eyeglass factory.

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