1. Cuddles

    That’s really sweet of them to wear actual airplane wreckage in honor of their fallen group member.

  2. Dom Perinyawn

    Future tag team champions.

  3. thatsall

    You need an L to spell both “TLC” and “relevant.”

  4. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    Don’t go chasing Peterbilts…

  5. Matrix bad bitch extras.

  6. Let me guess, the “L” is for lesbian?

  7. Where are their rescued Greyhounds and Harleys?

  8. The Pope

    Even dressed like that, they can’t distract me from looking at the anal-sex logo.

  9. Wrynoceros

    Chased, caught, and went over the Waterfalls in a barrel

  10. The ‘L’ stands for Value!

  11. Klingons just don’t look complete without their bat’leths.

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