1. Juch

    What man wouldn’t leap a fence into a dog yard if it meant getting away from a bunch of gabby women at a garden party?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Oh, but when Mike Vick does it someone has to get arrested.

  3. “woof!…woof woof!”

    “…….alright, alright, but make it a quickie…”

  4. here’s where all the noise is coming from! Let me just crush this little bugger right quick….

  5. It looks as if the gate is unlatched. 2 seconds later – faceplant when gate swings open.

  6. “I told you to quit your goddamn barking, you little motherfucker…”

  7. cc

    ‘Holy shit, a vertical trampoline. Get out the way little fella, I’m comin’ to ‘ave a look!’

  8. “There’s women here, fuck, I have to get out of here quickly.”

  9. “I was going to take my commission and buy Ferris a car.”

  10. heey

    in so many ways this picture makes no sense

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