1. dontkillthemessenger

    It’s rare that Penn Badgley’s “if Kenny G was a woman” hairstyle is the better one in a picture.

  2. John Mayer got a perm and Natalie Portman is now black? What sorcery is this???????

  3. Mr. Poop

    “No, you’re the faggot”

  4. Mr. Poop

    “No, you’re the fa.ggot”

  5. yeap

    He probably got drunk after finding out his ex got married.

  6. Inner Retard

    I can tell you with my eyes closed she’s not uglier than Miley Cyrus!

  7. Wheres my hat ?

    They pap rape victims on their way to seek medical treatment now ? Thats fucking wrong.

  8. i heart yo mama.

    What happen to her weave? … And Zoe too?

  9. Queef Sister

    This is what happens when you do bath salts and decided to style each others hair.

  10. Joaquin ingles

    Sorry Zoe, but I don’t think Pen Badgley, no matter how much tits or vag you flash, is ever gonna go your way.

  11. Her dad is Lenny Fucking Kravitz. He needs to bitch slap that douche.

  12. “Listen, Asshole, that’s my girlfriend you’re talking to…back off or you’ll kick my ass with my eyes closed!”

  13. EricLr

    Hey look, Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts are back together!

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