1. David,
    I say this with sincere concern. I have noticed an unusual amount of pictures featuring you “adjusting” yourself.
    This concerns me. The fact that you are now using turf to scratch yourself has forced me to break my silence and address you.

    You banged scary spice, didn’t you?

  2. YoMamma

    Allow me to just slide under there real quick…

  3. Well OK, if you insist.

  4. I’m pretty sure fucking the field is a foul in soccer.

  5. DeucePickle

    Yeah, well how many cock pushups can YOU do ?

  6. tlmck

    The name is Bond. Skeezy Bond.

  7. I bet the ground manages to move more than his wife.

  8. userofalltrades

    Posh Spice had lost so much weight that David didn’t even know she wasn’t there any more.

  9. Hmmmm…must be a really small gopher that made that hole…

  10. Prof.Widow

    Best he’s ever looked.

  11. Urvag

    I don’t care if Tom cruise tainted him. He is hot.

  12. This may be the first time I’ve ever fantasized about being a strip of grass.

  13. Compared to Victoria, grinding your crotch into plastic grass probably feels like warm apple pie.

  14. Another celebrity fucking the Earth.

  15. Laura

    I wanna fuck him so bad!

  16. Kurt Barlow

    I didn’t realize that Tom Cruise was THAT short.

  17. Persistent Cat

    It’s ridiculous for someone to be that good looking. If he and Charlize are ever in the same room, the earth will explode.

  18. Bionic_Crouton

    Somewhere out there is a woman or a gay man photoshopping themselves under David Beckham right now.

  19. Lord of the Ass

    Damn, I’d fuck him so hard in that tight, sweet ass of his…hard and deep. That’s an ass built for fucking.

  20. That’s a pretty unusual way to bend it, Beckham.

  21. Swearin

    Seconds later, the referee issued him a yellow card with his phone number on it

  22. Is he banging the field? Probably less stiff than Victoria.

  23. The Pitch actually sold this photo to the tabloids.

  24. Mama Pinkus

    I do not understand the appeal of this man – he is UGLY

  25. squishy

    All I have to say is that is a pussy-ass push up man!!

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