1. Perplexity

    Other than oral, exactly what does Coco perform with Ice T? Wait…don’t answer that. It’s difficult enough to burn this image from my brain.

  2. Joe Blow

    T screams for help as he realizes Coco’s ass is so big it now has its own, rather strong, gravity field.

  3. Cock Dr

    I had no idea that Coco was now part of the act.
    Hope that the crowd at the Silverdome parking lot appreciated her many talents.

  4. Contusion

    Does this ass make my hand look small?

  5. It looks like he’s giving directions on that thing. “You go north on the Expressway and turn left on the Interstate….”

  6. I doubt it’s the first (or last) time she’s performed in a parking lot.

  7. dude

    that’s not an ass…’s a battle station!

  8. Schmidtler

    What’s Pontiac, Michigan trying to do? Prove that they’re trashier than Detroit?

  9. Buddy The Elf

    Obviously a classy event at that venue.

  10. Emma Watson's Vagina

    oh you should never slap the rear end or even on the shoulders. they will hate you for this. they will sulk for days or even weeks. it is best you scratch behind the ears or give them a scrub down. also reward them with truffles.

  11. Next.....

    Between his gut and her butt……lots of sweaty skin!

  12. I notice they were performing well away from the Nascar weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

  13. hold up, baby! I think I see one of them dangle berries again!

  14. When the temperature at the surface reaches that of the ambient air, he knows his Hot Pockets are done.

  15. downwithmuffins

    one, two check check! one, two!

  16. “…and that’s the real scientific way to rape someone and not get them pregnant.”

  17. “Now this right here, kids, is called the equator…”

  18. EricLr

    There is nothing worse than when a musician falls for some girl and starts bringing her out onstage. Basically, it’s the point at which you realize that you will never go to one of their concerts ever again (and/or that the band is about to break up forever).

  19. “Who’ll give me a hundred dollars?
    One hundred dollar bid, now two,
    now two, will ya give me two?
    Two hundred dollar bid, now three,
    now three hundred, will ya give me three?”

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