1. looks a little trannyish here.

  2. Coming this winter, Michael Bay directs and Jessica Simpson stars as “She-Ra: Princess of Power”

  3. George P Burdell

    I wonder what her legs look like when she takes off the high heels?

  4. They both look like they have to pee…really bad, you guys!

  5. Lefty is more awake this morning than righty, I see.

  6. Jimmy

    You know how they say if you post a pic with two women, it’s not the hotter woman posting it? Jessica, it’s true here.

    • Frunken

      Never heard that, nor does it really make sense: wouldn’t the hotter one post is so she looks hotter by comparison?

    • anonymous

      That’s not true. The hotter woman will always post the pic because she looks better than everyone else in it.

      The only time a hotter woman won’t post a pick is if she is the one that looks bad in picture.

    • ugh

      You made that saying up for this post.

  7. Jeff

    Never thought I’d say it, but this is clearly an example of someone spending too much time on “leg day” at the gym.

  8. Her tits look like wonky, badly-done fakers. Are they? Yikes.

  9. Short Round

    Ugh, the Hulk does not wear bikini well.

  10. Huh…she actually looks alright. I usually have zero interest in Jessica Simpson, but I actually wouldn’t mind rubbing up against her in this pic.

  11. Ralph

    Jes, you just look bad. Maybe posing is a swim suit is not longer god for you. Time changes all things.

  12. Mike Anger

    Is this a publicity shot from Adam Sandler’s new movie? Which one’s Adam?

  13. Jehosafat Duggar has lame taste in friends.

  14. whatever

    somebody is feeding jessica steroids, since she has zero body fat and massive girl muscles MASSIVE, no normal diet or exercise does that

  15. Flatliner

    Well, we can be assured that we will not see a pic of Jessica and Eric both wearing shorts together. It would be more like Jess and Erica.

  16. toopier

    If I am a little attracted to the dude on the left, does that make me gay?

  17. buzz

    Meh….the only time JS looked good was for her Daisy Duke role. Even then her face wasn’t that cute and her reality show at the time made her seem dumb as rocks. Now she’s on some HGH injected Madonna like workout and diet program but still doesn’t look all that great.

    Can’t call her fat anymore….

  18. I see the WWE has a new diva on the rise

  19. Why does she always look like she is balancing on her heels?

  20. Why are these guys in drag?

  21. AdRaver

    Every picture of her showing off her “new body” she looks like she’s sucking everything in so hard and stretching herself so tall she’s going to pass out. I bet she exhales and it all pops back out.

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