1. Kill it with fire!

  2. vgrly

    Omg her bags and the rippling. UGH….my eyes.

  3. Dick Hell

    Let’s just hope that sea hag isn’t returning to her birthplace to spawn.

  4. Looks like she should put that left boob back in the dryer for 20 minutes.

  5. catapostrophe

    That dog is extremely attractive, relatively speaking.

  6. kimmykimkim

    Girls, this is why you never ever, ever get implants! Well, this one of many reasons.

  7. Mike701

    “You like my preciousezzz? Gollum, gollum”

  8. What sort of witchcraft is this? It’s like a leather zombie vampire streetwalker. I knew not of such a creature. Clearly driving a stake into it repeatedly and from multiple positions has only served to give it more power.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Ooh. Charmed, the later years. They could get Kelly Bensimon and Demi Moore to play the other sisters. Nah, they can still use Shannon and Rose.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Don’t laugh, maybe the guy who blew it up had asthma.

  10. I get grossed out when I see a hermit crab without its’ shell.

  11. broduh jenner

    jerky janice

  12. AAPL made me rich!

    Siren and shit

  13. mandas

    Unsure which beast is saggier

  14. Tillman

    I always heard you weren’t supposed to get androids near saltwater.

  15. The newest addition to “Bodies: The Exhibition”

  16. Fingergod

    Be your own dog, drink Red Dog.

  17. bethy

    “Yeah, my master threw my rawhide over here….you know, it didn’t look this big in his hand.”

  18. So that’s how beef jerky is salted.

  19. Pokie Patrol

    Nice nips, shame about… everything else.

  20. Judd

    Best looking nips and the whole convalescent home!

  21. lily

    she actually doesnt look TOO bad from this angle…the leather saggy skin is somehow concealed. she is a crazy piece of work though.

  22. Mama Pinkus

    Janice for the love of all things decent COVER UP!!!!

  23. Biff

    Meet Paris Hilton at 64 with her original hair color.

  24. “Lifeguard! Lifeguard! Get that poor dog out of the water. And grab the puppy while you’re at it.”

  25. Blech

    I’m pretty sure that dog wants to drown itself. But, unfortunately, he’d probably just start swimming rather effortlessly as dogs do…

    And that would mean surviving and swimming in the water she’s in. So, for now, he just stands there, motionless.

  26. EricLr

    And there’s my grannie.

  27. Lita

    You know those women that are so hot and you just really want to see more pictures of them in bikinis? Yeah, she’s not one of them.

  28. Colin

    How is her suit less wrinkly than her breast?

  29. “Tara Reid, I’ll see your silly putty stomach and raise you one rippling implant!”

  30. Bigalkie

    Malibu Scabie Water.. Get yer Malibu Scabie Water

  31. evilgeniusnz

    So steven tyler got a boob job?

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