1. “Awwwwhhh I told you she blew a handle thinking it was the VIP section’s security!!!”

  2. cc

    That’s fuckin’ right buddy, just like I said, the Higgs fucking Boson!

  3. “My buddy just IMDB’ed, and she WAS in the Big Lebowski. You BOTH owe me $100! HA!”

  4. someone

    perfect couple

  5. It occurs to me that these people have entirely too much expendable income.

  6. Johnny P!

    Should read: Stephen Dorff in Saint Tropez (Tara Reid also happens to be in picture).

  7. The Brown Streak

    50% off Papa Johns! BOOYAH!

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The real reason douchebags became extinct

  9. Ricardo

    Dude, I just heard the best joke about Tara Reid!

  10. justin

    There is a word for that… I think it’s hooker!
    Stephen Dorff: You’re a hooker!

  11. CranAppleSnapple

    I say with no pride at all that I saw them in a movie together. She played a scientist, so you know it was quality.
    My point is, I would be flummoxed if he ever willingly saw her again, so my take is that he is yelling “Bitch, the restraining order says 500 yards!”

  12. BowelTowel

    “He says I only got syphilis, but YOU got gonorrhea, so HA!”

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    You know you’re a fallen star when Tara Reid looks annoyed to be around you.

  14. Clown Shoes

    “Aw shit y’all…guess who just got a call back for Dancing with the Stars!”

  15. spartacus

    Is Tara still working the boats? I had heard no one was interested in her any more, at least not enough to pay for a full season.

  16. EricLr

    Dude, I told you the 90′s would call !!!!

  17. “Alone in the Dark sucked? Yeah? Well what fuckin’ movies you been in, huh kid? I’ll tell you what fuckin’ movies. NONE fuckin’ movies you little douchebag!”

  18. ihatemosteveryone

    What are people of walmart photos doing on here?

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