1. Hurry up there Superman… Momma’s got an itch for Chili’s

  2. something must be laced with kryptonite. that box is giving Kal-El some trouble.

  3. anonymous

    I hope he’s triple wrapping. She likes to bang musicians.

  4. yoop

    “I may be the man of steel but fuck this box is heavy”

  5. “Faster than a speeding bullet my ass! You’ve been struggling with that box for 15 minutes.”

  6. “This is what sucks about being Superman; people always want you to help them move…It’s like owning a truck.”

  7. “I need all this booze. My agent just told me that that Kevin Hart movie is going to outgross me next weekend.”

  8. Kneel before Zima!

  9. I wonder if the weight of that box made him shart?

  10. broduhjenner

    he looks like a velociraptor. his arms are too short!

  11. Vlad

    Use your super speed and get the boxes in the car before this page is hijacked by an ad and the picture won’t be visible for 30 seconds!

  12. Somewhere Gina Carano is laughing her ass off.

  13. EricLR

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a raging alcoholic!

  14. I’d need to drink too if my agent was forcing me to date a girl who’s only attractive when surrounded by nerds.

  15. “Hey, Stupid, when I said I wanted you to grab my box this wasn’t exactly what I meant.”

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