1. Hey guy with the flaming hair, is that a beard or a garrote mark?

  2. People want to meet or greet that?

  3. Those are two of the weirdest-looking heads I’ve seen in a while.

  4. Okay, she’s freaky enough. But who is the human ventriloquist doll in the background?

  5. Everything about this photo is wrong.

  6. Colin

    Wait, is her name actually A. Raiola? Because seeing this picture, I totally see why.

  7. Is she the one from “Skin Graft Nightmares?”

  8. Ralph

    Run!!! Don’t ask why, just RUN !!!

  9. Oh, come on, it’s not that bad… there’s nothing here a tactical nuke couldn’t fix.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    I hadn’t heard about George Hamilton’s disfigurement and gender reconstruction.

  11. Joe

    Why the rest of the world hates this country summed up in one photo.

  12. Who hit her in the mouth with a frying pan?

  13. kiolb

    these two, then Mickey on the next page. what a freak show

  14. maoix

    Guy was totally straight right up until he saw her.

  15. It’s like looking at Lisa Rinna and Jack Osborne in a funhouse mirror.

  16. Vladimir

    The only difference I can tell between her, and the Mickey Rourke pic one click over is the teats…

  17. OK, so, this is a scene from some kind of European art film, right?
    A bizarro world where abominations of the human form aboud?
    Right? Right?

  18. tlmck

    Pretty soon, we will see other homeless people walking the red carpet.

  19. donkeylicks

    So that’s where Perez Hilton has been hiding.

  20. JESUS CHRIST! Get that woman’s face to a burn center, right away!!!

  21. Someone threw a bottle of tanning oil and a picture of Milton Berle in the Weird Science machine and this is what came out.

  22. New Developments in Medicine: Her plastic surgeon injected her nose into her lips, avoiding the use of any foreign materials to “plump up” her lips (which have swelled to a point that no one notices her nose is the size of a pencil eraser.)

  23. “What the fuck you laughing at, Jenner? Your appointment is day after tomorrow.”

  24. What is that behind this couple of…interesting…ummm…er…people? Their spaceship?

  25. Robb7

    Where the hell do you find these creatures??!!

  26. Gonzosh1tcock

    White guys really like this sort of thing?

  27. They look like a couple of cartoon characters.

  28. Swearin

    Bruce Jenner took the whole transgender thing too far

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