1. BP

    In shrill Spanish accent, “Jarvier, don’t you go there with me”

  2. “O sank you… I woman I can actually hug….”

  3. catapostrophe

    That is not Javier Bardem. The guy in the next picture is Javier Bardem.

  4. “SHIT now she’s pregnant too”

  5. Apparently pregnancy created a third huge boob

  6. Penelope’s wondering when her ass will be the same size as Aitana’s again.

  7. “I ruined my body for this asshole?!”

  8. tlmck

    Even pregnant, Penelope is still hotter than the other chick.

  9. colt13

    Hottest she’s ever been.

  10. “You’re pregnant, and it’s not mine? Thank God!”

  11. Someone needs to introduce Hollywood to birth control.

  12. She´s due any day now…a baby brother or sister for her son Leo.As usual,she hates to be seen pregnant,and as usual,she looks pissed off…it´s a Spanish thing.

  13. Hug him like that again, and I’ll eat you, too.

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