1. EricLr

    This is Milla Jovovich, reporting live from Comic-Con–where I’m dressed in mom jeans and standing next to a whore.

  2. Alex

    “So you bedazzled that yourself? Well I guess when your not making movies you have time for stuff like that.”

  3. “And this is how she taught me to pee standing up…”

  4. FanGirl

    she cleans up nicely

  5. “…and Michelle was queefing quite profusely just backstage. Show us how you did that, Michelle….”

  6. DeucePickle

    I have the feeling that I missed something cool here.

  7. So, yes, I CAN shove my own foot up my ass! Next I’ll try my head!

  8. kimmykimkim

    Want those shoes.

  9. fvalen001

    “See! NO CLEAR HEALS. Now apologize!”

  10. cc

    “Fajitas!” Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp “Haha, we lesbians aren’t afraid to fart!”

  11. 2 sexy fucking women. I’ll take them both. Michelle is looking damn good these days and Milla is effortlessly gorgeous.

  12. j/k

    I wear the girlie shoes to offset the can of dip in my back pocket.

  13. The Pope

    She’s looking at you, Minka Kelly.

  14. Frank Burns

    Sex please!

  15. RoadRage

    Lift and Separate. Not just for breasts anymore.

  16. Ana

    [Insert "marking territory" comment here]

  17. Pierce Bronzetan

    Mila: “My you have a large vagina. My you have a large vagina.”
    Michelle: “Your mic is echoing.”
    Mila: “My mic is off.”

  18. anonymous

    Not usually attracted to Michelle but any girl who can lift her leg up with excellent balance in 6 inch heels is perfect for bangin’ in the Comic Con bathrooms.

  19. Michelle’s packing a little extra in her trousers, if you know what I mean.

    (I’m implying that she has a penis and is a man.)

  20. About to detach her leg and use it to beat the paparazzi.

  21. Heffe

    …and here’s where I keep my flask of Jameson.

  22. El Jefe

    I am liking where this is going.

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    I see that they are at Comic-con, but in my mind they are making out.

  24. G Spot Finder

    Yes I do this daily for the 24/7 program I’m in.

  25. “Left hand on the left ankle, right hand on the right ankle, then pull them as far apart as you can. Guaranteed orgasm every time!”

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