1. EricLr

    Dreaming of weights gone by.

  2. Colin

    “Getting by for ten years because of an overrated, substandard science fiction show that didn’t last an entire season? Not lil’ ol’ me!”

  3. cc

    Can I make a ‘coy’ face? Sure, watch.

  4. Raoul

    ” You like me! You REALLY like me!”

  5. Joe

    “Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout?”

    “You know, crappy TV stuff.”

  6. Someone just told him he could be the next Jason Bateman

  7. RoadRage

    If only they’d let me ware my blossom hat!

  8. “I didn’t know Jon Hamm would be here….”

  9. Pierce Bronzetan

    Out of frame: Summer Glau doing summer dress jumping jacks

  10. downwithmuffins

    oh captain hammer..

  11. anonymous

    Wow he looks like he did more than just ‘aim to misbehave’.

  12. Ruth

    NATHAN FILLION. I LOVE YOU FISH. But I also hate you because I’m now reminded that it’s been ten years since it aired. Luh-suh

  13. I watched it on Hulu a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it. And in one particular episode they introduced a female character played by a beautiful, buxom, relative newcomer named Christina Hendricks.

  14. annie_nonymous

    Why is he not the final 5??

  15. squishy

    Love me some Nathan!!!

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