1. EricLr

    Where’s Lamont?

  2. Johnny P!

    I’d rather walk around barefoot (and do) even in the city than wear those fucking retarded ‘toe shoes’.

  3. “I’ve had it with these motha fuckin’ gloves on my motha fuckin’ feet.”

  4. “I have had it with these muthafuckin’ seashells on this muthafuckin’ beach!”

  5. DeucePickle

    “Fuck Comic-Con”

  6. Colin


  7. That sign behind him says “Warning: Don’t feed the Samuel L. Jacksons”

  8. catapostrophe

    “Gout is a motherfucker on the foot thumbs.”

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    And the Lord replied,
    “The times when there was
    only one set of footprints
    I was embarrassed to be seen with you.”

  10. “Yes those starfish deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell.”

  11. cc

    “Toes, motherfucker, can you see them?!!!”

  12. Little Tongue

    Come on, man, remove your toes condoms before going out!

  13. RoadRage

    I want you to find my wallet. The one that says ‘Old Mother Fucker’.

  14. Raoul

    What kind of man steals Danny Glover’s shoes?!? A bad mother fucker, that’s who!

  15. Ana

    Is it insensitive to make a monkey comment on this one?

  16. Is that a front wedgie?!?

  17. Lord Invader

    “I’ve done some fucked up shit for your films, Tarantino, but this shit takes the muthafuckin’ cake!”

  18. ApeFeet

    They better be comfy. That’s the most heinous footwear ever created.

  19. Pierce Bronzetan

    This way he can snap pictures and frame the shot at the same time.

  20. Fngergod

    So Samuel L. Jackson is starring in a remake of “Grumpy Old Men”. Is Danny Glover playing the Jack Lemon character?

  21. Whoever invented those shoes is making Crocs look good in comparison.

  22. El Jefe

    My dad just bought a pair of those shoes and they are actually really comfortable. Yes, they look retarded, but when you are older, sometimes you have to make tradeoffs for comfort.

  23. Joaquin ingles

    It kind of sucks when you think you’re seeing a busted old facsimile of a person and then you realize it IS that person.

  24. tlmck

    Quick! Somebody que the theme from Shaft!

  25. CanadianHouseguest

    Finally a clear shot of the prankster leaving tracks randomly across the Northwest for crazy hillbillies to find.

  26. bigalkie

    Jules. Would you ever give anothr man a foot shoe massage? I’ll bet that Vincent Vega would!

  27. “There ain’t NO motherfuckin’ pussy in this whole town!”

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