1. Patch

    Mr. Sterling, that’s not your telephone.

  2. Eric

    What’s up with all of the pregnancy pics?

  3. I like the blacks. I dress in black.

  4. “Ha ha… I’m still super-fucking-rich!”

  5. MarketingMike

    Fuck, Gene Simmons is really looking like shit today.

  6. “Dis how I keep black people out”

  7. JimBB

    My maid won’t let me back in.

  8. cajunhawk

    Frank Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny When Your Mind Is Fading.

  9. Senor Trout

    (Talking out loud to himself) ‘The hell is that number again?….Oh yes, spell it out with the letters…N-O-N-I-G-G…oh, hello there, Mr. Photographer!’

  10. “I’m wearing black. Does that count?”

  11. just Joe

    He’ll be spliting coal later tonight

  12. coljack

    “See, guys, I’m not crazy. I’m totally in control. Look how calm I am, even though – for the fifth time this week – I can’t get a dime out of this stupid ATM.”

  13. He was great in Battlestar Galactica, as Commander William Adama.

  14. “See this iron gate? This is to keep the AIDS out.”

  15. “Me? Oh, not much. I’m just waiting for the colored boy to come open the gate for me.”

  16. marno

    Hello, do I look like I give a fuck?

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