1. Deryn

    I just looked this up: Born November 16, 1958. Well done, madam. Well done.

  2. Mandi

    Whoa, Marg… Wasn’t expecting that body!

  3. kimmykimkim

    Fish, there’s something wrong with the brightness on this picture. Maybe its the contrast, I don’t know, but it stings the eyes.

  4. MrsWrong


  5. so that’s where Hillary Duff’s hottess went.

  6. bbiowa

    Damn, she’s got less fat on her backside than in her upper lip.

  7. tlmck

    Not bad for an old broad.

  8. Sin

    Need more ass shots.

  9. TomFrank

    About to be single and already puttin’ it out there. Go Marg!

  10. CanuckCutie

    Kathy Griffin Looks Good…

  11. Michelle

    Great until she turns around.

  12. Pay attention, fat broads. This chick is in her 50′s.

  13. Coyote

    Hey Marg, I am available

  14. anonym

    I’d fuck that….. and i’m only 29.

    damn hot for 53.

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