1. RocketInMyPocket

    Why do we give a shit about this person?

  2. Little known fact: Khloe gave Earvin those pants when they were too tight on her.

  3. Mimi

    Subtle. Majic wants this one back.

  4. Why couldn’t he have just caught a ride with Tracy Morgan?

  5. I think he OD’d on fabulous.

  6. jim

    Who is he?

  7. “Hey bitches, who wants to double-dribble all over this man-vag?”

  8. Little Tongue

    That is one well fed kid.

  9. coljack

    “Out of my way!! I’m headed to 10 Alaska!”

  10. I’ll give it to Demi Lovato, when she travels between gigs her disguise is pretty clever.

  11. This is one ugly ugly ugly chick.

  12. Charlie

    I wonder if he has Willy Wonka tattooed above his ass.

  13. He’s doing it right. I’ll never understand why gay men work out so often and put so much effort into getting ripped just to fuck other guys.

  14. She’s great on the View.

  15. I’m sure Earvin Johnson I and Earvin Johnson II are immensely proud that Earvin Johnson III is carrying the family name into the future. Too bad the name will die with this one

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