1. rough text

    *checks amazon for pop instant corn sales*

  2. holymoly

    vera dimilo, is that you?

  3. If OctoMom’s been doing porn all this time, why can’t she pay her damn mortgage?

  4. It had to be said

    Is Chyna appearing as a man or a woman this time?

  5. After all the sexual harassment she endured in the WWE, I’m glad to see she’s back on her feet.

  6. WilmaMankiller

    Khloe? Is that you?

  7. dotmatrix


  8. CharmlessMan

    (In a plastic surgeon’s office in the San Fernando Valley)
    “Can you give me lips that say, ‘DUHHH’?”

  9. Jenny with a Y

    Where did the hide the penis?

  10. Working title: “Khloe Encounters of the Worst Possible Kind”.

  11. ChonchArcola

    best tuck job EVER! Bravo![golf claps]

  12. KC

    Return to porn or return to the wild?

  13. Lita

    Why, Superficial? WHY?!?!

  14. It should be noted that the film is titled “Backdoor to Chyna”. Apparently it’s the only way through that Great Wall of a face.

  15. cutthecrap

    I think me sees a wee bit of a penis

  16. DeucePickle

    She may not actually have a penis (anymore), but there is no doubt she could knock you out with a single pelvic thrust to your jaw

  17. Return?! Wtf was she doing in porn in the first place?

  18. justuhbill

    That dude needs a mansiere. His boobs are ginormous.

  19. Jovy

    I can see part of its left nipple.
    Feelin pretty violated right about now.

  20. “Big Trouble in Even Bigger Chyna.”

  21. KCJakiJ

    I always thought she was pretty fucking awesome. Maybe not hot, in the traditional sense, but she’s got her own thing going on and I think she looks pretty damn good.

  22. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I said then “don’t worry, she’ll be baack on her knees in no time”

  23. Buttercup


  24. vlad

    where’s the justice? we lose Macho Man yet still have this?

  25. Big_Mike

    Dude features…

  26. Jennifer

    At least Chyna’s surgeon did a better job than Ann Coulter’s by not forgetting the adam’s apple.

  27. Marco

    Very confused.

  28. MrsWrong

    She’s returning as a gay fluffer

  29. Her genitalia looks like it has a pop up turkey timer in it, and that turkey is done.

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