1. “Now you listen to me, Jamal. If Justin asks you to come play at his house and hold stuff for him, you RUN!!!”

  2. Dbag

    Beibs is defintly in his element. At a basketball game for the BET event and surrounded by his people.

  3. buzz

    Guy on the left just saw one of JB’s racist videos on TMZ.

  4. If he wants an actual “b” experience, they should drop his pampered ass on Crenshaw Boulevard on a Friday night sans his bodyguards.

  5. In every picture like this, there’s at least a couple dozen black people who desperately wish there were no cameras present.

  6. Is that T.O. far left?

  7. cajunhawk

    Forever alone…

  8. Voice of Reisling

    There’s a Celebrity Basketball game app?

  9. Is he wearing a leather skirt?

  10. That should read Justin Bieber playing Angry Birds in a celebrity basketball game during the BET Experience in Los Angeles. (June 29, 2014)

  11. Justin’s the blackest guy there, fo’ sho’.

  12. Rosetta Stone Ebonics app: “Great work. Now say ‘fo’ shizzle’.”
    Bieber: “For chisel”
    Rosetta Stone Ebonics app: “‘Fo’ shizzle’.”
    Bieber: “Foo chizel”
    Rosetta Stone Ebonics app: “‘Fo’ shizzle’.”
    Bieber: “Fo’ shezzle”
    Rosetta Stone Ebonics app: “Great work. Now say ‘Bling’.”
    Bieber: “Blang…”

  13. 6/30/2014 6:45 PM, Usher (CanUHandleIt?) Wrote:
    “How many balls have you caught?”

  14. I wonder if it isn’t time to tell this ridiculously fucked up asshole that he’s actually lily white…

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