1. Ronaldo

    Check check

  2. Those are new…

  3. Michael

    How come no one’s posting pics of Ashanti. She’s the only girl at this gala that doesn’t have freaky fuckin’ bolt-ons.

  4. Michael

    Oh, and I forgot a good joke: 2BB’s (2 Big Bolt-Ons).

  5. anonymous

    Someone is getting her money makers prepped.

  6. There is a spelling mistake there – it is spelled Balloon….

  7. She knows what everyone ones to see.

  8. Come on, people. We all read her name as Adrienne Ballon.

  9. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The Big Enormous Tits awards?

    (I know, too easy. Wrote itself.)

  10. “Oh, you poor dear, you already work so hard. Let me do that for you…”

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