1. Are we sure this is not Jane Lynch?

  2. She is looking rough, she’ll end up like Bridget Bardot.

  3. The duchess of haggard county.

  4. Jane Lynch is starting to look REALLY dykey.

  5. Yeah i wouldn’t be happy with people taking my photo if I looked like that, either.

  6. JimBB

    Joan Jett has not aged well.

  7. ultra

    hey, little sister, what have you done…?

  8. Jade

    I think she just saw herself in a mirror.

  9. charlesatlas

    Jeff Jarrett has not aged well.

  10. Rex Reed

    Disease ridden dumpster

  11. She looks great. Her body’s showing its age, but I still.

  12. PassingTrue

    Just stepped in some Tommy Lee scat.

  13. Ehhhhhh it itches! Fuck! I want to scratch it…..stupid people with cameras go away.

  14. Johnny Barbells

    …yeah, i loved that scene in “lifeforce” when the female victim reverted to the emaciated skeleton form and was awkwardly thrashing about because she needed a fresh body to absorb…

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