1. What, not gratuitous ass shot? WTF photoboy?

  2. Jill

    Holy shit! She finally discovered the power of bangs.

  3. We

    dat ass

  4. your mom

    Who woulda thunk she would end up being the lone hot chick from American Pie.

    • Ollie

      Tara Reid – yeah that didn’t turn out well.
      I just looked up Shannon Elizabeth and was surprised at her more recent pics on wikipedia – barf.
      Willow is still pretty hot though.

  5. the duderino

    She’s just so fine…hmmmm

  6. AAPL made me rich!

    She worships me. She’s got a shrine with pictures of me surrounded by dead people’s heads and stuff.

  7. Always been so fucking sexy! I could eat her up. I definitely want to.

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