1. “Duuuude, I fuckin’ loved you in Anaconda!”

  2. “I for one, approve of your daughter’s new tits…”

  3. Thank you Mr. Voight for using Enterprise Rent-a-Car. You can return it on Wednesday. No, I’m not one of the many former college athletes that Enterprise hires after college.

  4. Hank E. Ring

    No thanks, still not interested in sleeping with you Mr. Cruise, regardless of which MI mask you’re using.

  5. “Look Chaz, I read your script. It sucked. So do me a favor, and just get my car.”

  6. Attempted handshake goes wrong.

  7. dennis

    No matter how many A-List actors Jonah meets; he’ll never be one of them.

  8. It’s Ned… Ned Ryerson!

  9. “You don’t have any National Treasure movies for me to do, do ya?”


    Chaz Bono hoped his first date with Jon Voight would involve food in some way not working on Jon’s taxes.

  11. “Hi. I’m answering your craigslist personal ad.”

  12. The Brown Streak

    Little known fact: Jon Voigt greets everyone with a titty twister…say…that explains alot doesn’t it, Angelina?

  13. “Nice moobs, Chaz. Too bad you don’t have a pu….waitasec…”

  14. Man, that creepy extra/background-player kid is really trying to kiss everyone now, isn’t he?

  15. “Here’s your tip …. lose some weight tubby “

  16. “No, young man, I won’t shake your hand, but here, let me squeeze your tit!”

  17. EricLR

    Well sir, we normally don’t work on penile implants here at Best Buy… But, hey, what the hell, we’ll help you out!

  18. “No sir, you cannot just pull my heart out of my chest to extend your life.”

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