1. How nice of Christina Hendricks to lend out her dresses.

  2. THOSE are the best in Hollyweird!

  3. Joaquin ingles

    “Hab I introduced ju to the chicas?”

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s always impressive when Salma breaks out the twins.

  5. BARB

    Salma is a goddamn sex bomb.

  6. Crabby Old Guy

    She’d be much happy if she had me. Okay, I would be much happier if she had me. Well, screw it, I’m pretty happy having her right now. Clean up, aisle 9.

  7. Colin

    And the award for Breast Actress goes to…

  8. In my head, I hear squishy sounds.

  9. Nast

    You can tell they’re the good kind. Not doughy but memory-foam like.

  10. Every time I say her last name I feel like I’m clearing my throat.

  11. Anon

    I’m willing to wager that one can’t find something more befitting the term “bedroom eyes” out there.

  12. Amy

    “Mi-ha, come driiink your millk.”

  13. navvet

    giant pillows

  14. mbcl

    too much madagascara.

  15. hijkmno

    “Premier,” “Madagascar 3″ and “Cannes” all in the same sentence? doesn’t seem right somehow.

  16. ^^Motor boating son-of-a bitch^^

  17. K-Tron

    THIS is how you promote a children’s movie.

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