1. Cock Dr

    Interesting design on her dress. Blue lips? Leaves? WTF?

  2. “Why thank you. You’re awfully kind. So, you do realize I have to steal your soul now in order to maintain my youth?”

  3. I dunno, I think those wax museum figures are kind of creepy.

  4. Why, yes! I DID used to be famous. Thank you for noticing.

  5. Juan Diablo

    I knew that she was taller than her hillbilly hubby, but it’s like watching “The Attack of the 50 foot Woman”

  6. that hair style is not flattering…makes her 5 head look even worse…yuck

  7. “Ms. Kidman…oh, Ms. Kidman…will you please step closer and put your right breast into my mouth?”

  8. Assessment : Terminate.

  9. “Oh, Ms. Kidman! Would you mind signing my–”


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