1. Cock Dr


  2. The irony is that it took a whole cow to make that dress.

  3. I sometimes carry a knapsack, and if I lower it behind my butt, its not as big as Kim.

  4. Ralph

    The wider she gets, the shorter she looks. Pretty soon her “people” will just have to roll her from place to place.

  5. Isn’t she supposed to have a red signal flag and a sign that says “OVERSIZE LOAD” when she’s in public?

  6. Well, in Whoreville they say,
    Kim’s bovine ass grew three sizes that day.

  7. Robb7

    How do those skinny heels support that crate of lard blubber??!!

  8. dennis

    That right heel is fighting for its life having to support all that weight.

  9. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    For once, it’s a white guy with the look that says it all.
    God, I feel sorry for him.

  10. Its not just bulls in a china shop you have to worry about.

  11. Joe Blow

    “What the…. none of these dishes have food in them!”

  12. 2much2na

    anyone else seeing danny devito as the penguin in batman returns?

  13. “I can’t be here right now!”
    “Of course not, I just kicked your fat ass out!”

  14. Thank god I’m gay, said the guy on the left.

  15. You didn’t really have to tell us it was West Hollywood. We knew the instant we saw that dude standing next to the cow.

  16. KittyKitty Bang Bang


    Wasn’t she on a diet trying to drop tons of extra-weight before the marriage?, well, if she’s waiting to get slimmer before to marry Kanye , she’ll remain a spinster for ages….

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