1. Alex

    There’s a church in Los Angeles? A Christian church?

  2. George P Burdll

    Reese Witherspoon as church in Los Angeles.

  3. Looks like she’s doing that sequel to ‘Pretty In Pink’. It will be called, ‘Pretty Large In Pink’.

  4. The Brown Streak

    Wow, size 4 to size 60 in 23 days…take THAT Hilary Duff!

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    I wonder how far along she is because Jessica Simpson calls this stage “72 hours after conception”.

  6. Every time I see her I consider how much fun it must have been getting her pregnant.

    • EricLr

      Yes, 5 minutes or fun followed by several months of having to listen to her bimbo month and her constant whining that you’re not buying her enough jewelry and cars.

      Think I’ll just spend the money for a high-class call-girl instead.

  7. It’s hard for a cameltoe to ingest a sundress, but it’s trying its damnedest.

  8. mbcl

    “Hey Hey Heyyy anybody want some Kool-Aid ?”

  9. look you can see the babies chin poking through her belly

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