1. “My mommy says you’re a horrible role model that likes drugs and getting beaten by Chris Brown but…. tits…”

  2. Kid on the left has it right,Look at the tits……….. Kid on the right is looking at the face, bruises everywhere little dude.

  3. Mom looks pretty fucking excited to have her kids meet a terrible role model.

  4. Kid on the left: “Today, I became a man”
    Kid on the right: “Bitch, In KNOW you weren’t just peepin’ my phone!”

  5. In every photo like this, there’s a young boy on the left, saying it all with his eyes.

  6. You ain’t famous until you’ve been eye-effed by a nine-year-old.

  7. cc

    You can do better than that son.

  8. This bitch needs her butt kicked.
    Oh, wait, never mind…it didn’t work, did it?

  9. “Mommy. What’s that?”

    “That’s a skank, Billy”

    “She’s gross.”

  10. That poor kid, he’s wide eyed in terror…knowing his mother will be treating him for lice yet again when they get home.

  11. “C’mon, lady, you promised you’d show me your tits if I quit pinching your ass.”

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