1. Little Tongue

    A long haired boy with fake boobs? I’m all for diversity.

  2. As she played, she remembered her coach’s immortal words:
    No balls to the face..

  3. Joe Blow

    The first time she’s ever needed a glove to catch balls.

  4. Hedgehog

    women baseball players wear manhole covers

  5. Cock Dr

    She has the soft feminine appeal of an overlarge head of cabbage.
    Same IQ too.

  6. bigalkie

    White Trash

  7. “Seriously, Jody. See that girl with the big boobs? Hit the ball to her. She can’t catch.”

  8. aww, tomboy…so cute

  9. Mike701

    Jump into a pool of water? Hell no! Leathery balls to the face? Been doin’ that for years.

  10. I totally would.

    • There was a time I couldn’t stand this woman, but I saw her on Splash, and realized that she has, despite her fake tits, a stupendous body. I’d do her in a heartbeat now.

  11. “Hey, no fair! Kendra has two mitts.”

  12. martian

    a cute tomboy. I want it that way!

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