1. Bob

    No, Nick. Matching your socks to your tie is not a talent, so stop auditioning with the same routine every season.

  2. tito

    “the suit is armani. the socks are repurposed from skin mariah shed in her nest.”

  3. Dis how man-servant look!

  4. “Mariah’s dick be down to here, sometimes it hang outta her pants!”

  5. Mwaddams

    Looks like Mariah got Nick a pink sock.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “These socks are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. My wife bought them for me because they maintain there softness while I fetch Mariah her cosmetics, snacks, whatever she needs. She’s the best!”

  7. Smapdi

    Nick Cannon, inventor of the tie-sock a single garment worn on the foot then up the body and around the neck. The innovation was inspired by his wife Mariah Carey, who if she isn’t stepping on your toes, is slowly choking you.

  8. “If I get home late, Mariah’s foot will be this far up my ass.”

  9. Oh no! My ankle monitor is missing!

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