1. Unimate

    Soooooo… I take it Amy Poehler is promoting a zombie film of some kind?

    • gaba

      She just had a kid, she’s probably running on 2 hours of sleep.

      • Cornbread

        Not an acceptable excuse. Nannies, stylists, flexible schedule and – oh yeah – MILLIONS of dollars. I’ve seen welfare moms in the sketchy part of town dolled up better than her.

  2. A mother-daughter menage. I’m in.

  3. HortonHearsABoob

    Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep thing for Amy, but what’s got to do with her grandma and Rumpelstiltskin?

  4. meeegan

    its like a real life “The Picture of Dorain Gray”.

  5. Looks like having a baby aged Amy Pohler by 20 years and 30lbs.

  6. As mnay had feared, Amy Pohler had found a time machine to visit Hilary Clinton just after high school.

  7. UnholyKrep

    Here’s a quiz- spot the hobo, THEN spot the drifter!

  8. Anon

    Holy crap, at first I was thinking it was Hayden’s grandma. What the hell even happened??

  9. Jill_Ess

    OMG! Speaking of “The Exorcist …”

  10. don’t you mean “The Ghost of Amy Poehler”?

  11. I think someone reversed this picture, you should have the “before meth” pic first.

  12. Hugh Gentry

    Hayden looks perfect here! Amy is a fucking troll.

  13. Faces of Childbirth. It’s almost worse than meth.

  14. Undercover

    Hayden P. gets to see what she will look like in 30 years…

  15. Amy Poehler you have officially convinced me that I’m never having children. My sanity, figure and tight vagina thank you kindly.

  16. brit

    I’ll take the one on the right, but I don’t think much of yours.

  17. kimmykimkim

    “My future self and me.”

  18. Bethie

    Man, Gollum is looking pretty good. Oh, and Amy Poehler is there, too.

  19. Jenny with a Y

    Look everybody, it’s the Crypt Keeper!

  20. jamiejames

    sweet sassafrass, poehler! you look like gary oldman’s dracula. dye your hair!

  21. ‘Faces of Meth’ claims another victim.

  22. sexyman48

    Amy was great in Insidious.

  23. IM FUNNY

    Why is [different person] next to [funny description of second person in photo]?

  24. Great White Pygmy

    This is Hayden Panettiere.
    And this is Hayden Panettiere on drugs.
    Any Questions?

  25. Alex

    why is no one mentioning the most striking thing about this photo? I mean, Christ, how short is Amy Poehler? the midget on her left has a good inch on her.

  26. TwoDickSally

    When did Amy Poehler start looking like Michael Douglas?

  27. jenn

    sorry hayden but this is you in 5 years. womp wommmmp.

  28. Ed

    After Sex With Giant Boxer BF

    Before Sex With Giant Boxer BF

  29. It’s yes to the right, and definitely not to the left.

  30. The Critical Crassness

    It must have been,”Fill-a-Bag for a Buck Day” at the thrift store.

  31. Oh shit it’s a ghost!

  32. dick swells

    is this the cast for freaky friday part two?

  33. Jon

    Hayden is finally starting to look like a woman.. she’s still really short though. 69 fail

  34. tilisb

    I think Amy needs to stop bleaching her hair. And while I’m at it, a lot of these platinum blonds need to stop. Bleached hair does not make up for lacking in other areas and on MOST skin tones it looks hideous.

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