1. Wonderful, so he learned how to photoshop himself into a picture. Next assignment: Remove all those purple spots from his girlfriend pics.

  2. Ibis

    Down here in Australia, I beat women with my left hand.

  3. Isn’t he supposed to be sitting in the back?

  4. swalton

    Speed 3: Bruise Control

  5. Deacon Jones

    Is that the face he makes right before he blows a guy?

  6. Oh snap. That bitch should not have stepped on his shoe.

  7. “Motherfuckers make me ride in the back of the bus here, too.”

  8. guttboy

    Really brave to ride the Bus with your entourage of 300 Lbers….

  9. Jonas Grumby

    Its the first bus he’s been on that isn’t a short, square, school bus.

  10. I’m assuming the Aussie version of “Epic Beard Man” had this day off.

  11. Is that the Double Dutch bus?

  12. Wow. How black of him.

  13. Australian law clearly dictates domestic abusers wear white baseball caps.

  14. EricLr

    I bet without those two guys in front of him, his little bitch ass wouldn’t even leave the house.

  15. Andre Soto

    Trivia: This picture wouldn’t be possible if Chris Brown was born a hundred years ago and dated Rosa Parks.

  16. Grand Poobah

    he is either just about to puke or beat the shit out of the guy behind him for taking pictures

  17. The Brown Streak

    “Wait…dere’s no bitches to hit!”

  18. Contusion

    “There’s a lot more windows in this bus to slam bitches faces into.”

  19. Someone told him “down under” was the next-level-shit version of “on the down low”.

  20. This is why I don’t ride the bus.

  21. Guy behind him: “Hey Chris, look at my Rihanna impression!”

  22. Chris Brown posted a pic someone took of him riding the bus in Australia before he spotted her, beat her down, and stole her phone so he could upload the pic himself to Twitter.


  23. Anyone notice the ghost-looking fellow with the camera in the left corner? He was the last guy to take a photo of Chris Brown.

  24. tlmck

    I see the Aussies are giving Chris Brown all the red carpet treatment he deserves.

  25. “Bitch, you peepin my phone?”

  26. nick

    In Australia, women beat him.

  27. ss109

    A Sh*itbag is still a Sh*tbag whether you’re in the U.S. or not

  28. Orson

    Call Amberlamps!

  29. Pepper's Pot

    god if only that bus stopped short and his head went either right into that pole or better yet thru the window

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