1. kimmykimkim


    • Cock Dr

      Hey, you know the kid is very well nourished…and isn’t that the important thing to focus on here?
      We’ll start bashing her for the baby weight next month. Because we’re understanding and respectful to new celebrity mothers on this site.

    • dooood

      …. i can work with that amount of chunky

  2. rican

    Hillary Puff

    • TheLilYellowOne

      I didn’t know baby weight vanished as soon as the baby was born. You must know some secret the rest of us women don’t. Her baby was born a month ago. Cut the girl some slack!

  3. Ugh. Already time to take the kid to soccer practice, mom?

  4. Brought It

    Girlfriend be thick. Her hips done spread.

  5. Hopefully she’ll eventually get back to her beautiful self. In the meanwhile…look at them fuckin’ milk duds!

  6. Star Droppings

    “These heels aren’t going to crush themselves.”

  7. Bonky

    Fuck it, I’d hit that. I would hit it hard, from behind. Because right now she can take it, hard, from behind.

  8. The funny thing is – those weren’t skinny jeans.

  9. Dirk Diggler

    Maybe you shouldn’t use your pregnancy as an excuse to shove cheeseburgers in your face. My wife gained 18lbs, so eat a dick and jump on a treadmill

  10. The Brown Streak

    They cost a fortune but the new titanium heels really do hold up!

  11. Dr. T

    You know, I’ve been a life-long supporter of *not* giving a crap about weight or feeling pressured into looking like the Hollywood ideal, so kudos to Hillary for not doing a Victoria Beckham on it. But I’ve also lived a life of having to actually work for a living, pay my own way through college and deal with the everyday effects of recession here in Europe, so you’ll excuse me for a second when I say, ‘Ha! I had my daughter and a week later (albeit due to massive post-partum hemorrhage…you gotta take the good with the bad here) was SKINNIER than before.’ Ooh, that felt mean and I liked it.

  12. King Diamond

    More like Hilary (Stay) Puff

  13. quagmire

    What a fatty! Sheesh. I’m sorry, when there’s Boca burgers at the menu at your local McDonald’s and an organic grocery store every two hundred yards, you have no excuses. When I see fat people in California it’s like seeing Bigfoot, only way less cool.

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