1. Mike701

    Then I said “Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em!”

  2. Well, no need to ask who’s the gay one.

  3. His brother trying to convince Hollywood to try Green Lantern again?

  4. “Settle down, dude, or you’ll never land the lead in the Leprechaun reboot.”

  5. Ha, ha, ha…Chris, you’ll NEVER steal me Lucky Charms!

  6. “Did you see how you looked in the Avengers! And I’m the gay one??”

  7. Look Chris, I’m not sure how to say this, but shouldn’t you be looking a little more…..manly? muscular? uhm, not you as you currently look if Capt. America is shooting right now? YOU WILL NOT RUIN NEXT MAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

  8. “They’re after me Lucky Charms…good one bro!”

  9. PJ Bandit

    I’m dressed like a gay Green Hornet and I still look bettter than you in The Avengers.

  10. “HAHAHAHA!!!” Yes Captain America, I AM The Riddler!”

  11. Indahouse

    “Settle down, Perez. Nothing’s changed: everybody’s still laughing AT you, and it ain’t gonna change no matter how many decibels you throw at it.”

  12. “DATING Minka Kelly? More like BEARDING! Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaha…Whoops, sorry Chris!”

  13. Ken

    “Next Scott is going to sing America the Beautiful while I drink this glass of water.

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