1. Oh Kristen, you’re like, so hip. Do you have a Return of the Jedi metal lunchbox that you keep your pot in too, you dork

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Trying really hard at not trying hard is the first sign of douchebaggery.

  3. We have 2/3 of the needed ingredients… Now for a married director…

  4. Her latest appearance on “Conan” makes me think she has a serious case of social anxiety disorder. She’s fidgety, barely ever makes eye contact and wants to get as far away from the most successful thing she’s ever done in her life as possible.

    She definitely picked the wrong profession for that, though.

  5. I like how this girls thinks, a pickup truck so you can bang married directors anywhere in comfort, well, relative comfort.

  6. Dazedly driving off of the used car lot, as Reese Witherspoon’s car salesman waves goodbye.

  7. LLBL

    Is this a movie set or does she really drive that? WTF? Did she total the Mini or something?

  8. FattyFatFuck

    At least she’s thinking realistically. Better buy it now while she’s got the money. Manual windows, no air, partial floorboard, must start with a screwdriver. $400.00 and they’ll throw in an 8 track player. Yep, that’s about right.

  9. Kristen Stewart in “VALET”

    • PJ Bandit

      More like Valet – The Porn Parody. She drives a crappy truck to have sex with valets or they won’t park it. Because the truck reminds her of her old boyfriend who was a valet. It’s really a character piece about her emotional growth… oops, sorry.

  10. SIN

    Is this part of a movie?

  11. That truck is as sexy as she is

  12. Not pictured: Rupert Sanders going down on her

  13. Allion

    Why isn’t the truck red? Then it would be just like the Twilight, so real!!!

  14. yoop

    Good to see her keeping busy with her landscaping business.

  15. Serial killer truck.

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