1. I dont think I’ve ever seen fat arms with veins popping out of them before.

  2. bill


  3. Cock Dr

    She is gross when she’s off the cocaine diet and she’s gross when she’s on it too.

  4. No Courtney, if you suck harder crack will not come out of that cigarette.

  5. That cigarette better watch out, or it might get cancer.

  6. Why did Kurt have to be the one to give a shotgun a blowjob?

  7. Somewhere Randall is shivering naked in a broom closet with a gun in his mouth.

  8. You gotta give her credit for one thing…when she decides to suck, she sucks hard.

  9. Sadly, she looked her best when she was dead from Aids in the bottom of the bathtub.

  10. SpareClownParts

    It should have been you!

  11. macshome

    Sylvester Stallone has really let himself go…

  12. Letss see here electronic cig in mouth, pentgram bracelet… is that satan?

  13. amir

    She has those swollen ‘heroin’ hands.

  14. Let’s see… something nice to say, something nice…

    Cool bracelet?

  15. If only that were a fuse…..

  16. Fiona

    When did she start mainlining marshmallow fluff?

  17. tlmck

    I hear the Academy is giving her a special Oscar next year for “longest surviving train wreck”.

  18. RocketMan

    Holy shit, she’s still alive?!

  19. Why isn’t that bracelet keeping her ass in hell where she belongs, did the virgin blood wear off?

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