1. Snoop’s most trusted strain of herb Roofieatus Knockoutus….

  2. It’s Snoop Lion now.

  3. Photo Boy, a little proofreading, please. You stuck in a “w” by mistake.

  4. Did you see the set of tits on… that dude in the upper left background? Bazinga!

  5. Meg's Attitude

    I think we all know how(e)

  6. Photo Boy, this caption is incomplete. That’s the Howe Twins on the left, but who’s the one on the right?

  7. MrG

    “Which one are you ag.. Never mind, it doesn’t matter.”

  8. Howe? More like “whye?”

  9. Pepper's Pot

    Snoop Lion with the Hoe twins.

    there, fixed.

  10. Jenn

    Snoops thinking he’s got ahold of some good weed if it’s makin’ him see double…and he takes another hit, to see if it’ll go triple. Hey, you never know.

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