1. Now is ze time on Shprockets ven ve dance!

  2. cc

    Beiber thought it said ‘Arbeit macht frei’ and thought ‘Man, these people love my work’

  3. ThisWillHurt

    I thought Ben Kingsley was playing The Mandarin.

  4. So did the photographer leean backwards along with Downey or what?

  5. He is one smooth criminal

  6. ScotlandThe Brave

    Kevin Smith has lost a chunk of weight.

  7. He’s so awesome.

  8. Charlie Sheen, Corey Feldman, Mickey Rourke, THIS is how you make a come-back!

  9. so bad ass. He gave up heroin. He still smokes pot. I spent thanksgiving 92 in San francisco with him and his girlfriend, no lie. So fun.

  10. Elite member of the Can Do No Wrong club.

  11. man

    there is no way RDJ is clean from drugs, he has that totally cockycocaine puff and huff arrogant confidence taht only comes from that white powder

  12. “Okay which hand has the quarter in it now ?”

  13. Even if in his latest movies he is mostly phoning it in, good for him that he is also raking it in.

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