1. Tiggles

    “Your boy Beibs here! Had a date with some Anne Frank chick, but she was too shy to even come out and say hello! P.S. – my man Big Bird bought me these undies!”

  2. “Look at me…I’m like a depressed Pink.”

  3. Tweeting:”At the gym. #AnneWouldLoveMy6Pack”

  4. cc

    ‘Yo peeps, working out a gym called ‘Twinks’. I kinda like this place. #pantsfallingdown #winkwink’

  5. Nick4ca

    If he wants to shed his “kid” image he should just grow a moustache.

  6. TheFreeWorld

    Put on a shirt and pull your pants up, twink.

    I beliebe that is the correct term

  7. PtC

    There are no words in the English language that can accurately describe exactly how much I despise Justin Bieber. I’ll masturbate until my fingers fall off the day he dies.

  8. Anne Frank

    What a hottie!

  9. Cock Dr

    Needs more random tattoo scribbling.

  10. Meg's Attitude

    Can this douche get any more douchey? Seriously?

  11. Skippy86

    OH now I get it, he wants to be a 14 year old girl.

  12. PJ Bandit

    Mom, dad… In case something happens and I won’t be conscious. The guys who raped me are the ones behind me. I want you to know I fought with them bravely to be penetrated in the butt first.

  13. Spinosaur


  14. Pull your pants up, asshole.

  15. Real men don’t post vanity pics on instagram like a fourteen year old girl with low self esteem.

  16. Hmm, I just pissed off a bunch of people, let me see how I can fix that, oh I know, post a photo of myself making myself look like an even bigger fucking douchebag than I already am.

    This idiot can’t be for real.

  17. I wanna keep on hating, but maybe we all just need to follow these basic steps:

  18. his delusions of grandeur make me want to puke. YOU ARE A TINY TINY BABY BOY! Only 12 year old girls like you. Can’t wait until he mixes his cold medicine with his anti depressants.

  19. renzomatic

    If you are going to be stuck in a house during the entire war, might as well work out. Nothing else to do.

  20. “Stop! Collaborate and listen!”

  21. As I stated in the previous post, “The line between Bieber and Pink are blurred”.

  22. I blame Jay-Z.

  23. Awwwww, she’s getting her boobies in.

  24. Must be a drag to peak at age 18

  25. Oh, shit, I almost forgot to mention that I don’t give a fuck!

  26. RichPort

    I’m sure tons of women just drool at the sight of the 105 lb Adonis…

  27. I can hear his handlers: “You are doing great, remember, look as f*cked up, stupid and clueless as possible, all the time. Hey, it works like a charm for all the real rappers…”

  28. funnyeffer

    FInally! I was wondering when Amanda Bynes was going to realize how stupid that huge weave looked. Now to get rid of those catepillar eyebrows and we will be making some real progress

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